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I really enjoyed reading this Elle, and can empathise with the apparent monotony of movement. It can indeed be very cathartic! Iā€™m loving your large canvas; it reminds me of a Jersey bay with the sun/moon rising/falling šŸ˜„

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Adore the ramble of your mind. Especially this piece, as a fellow walker who's started to learn to knit about once a year for three years. My first cast on is akin to the ministry of silly walks. One day I'll get the swing of it. Thanks for another wonderful read!

Also, love the budding painting. It brings to mind Lionel Walden's Moonlight Over Diamond Head (to me), but don't look it up if you don't want its influence. (Also don't look it up because the photos of it online are beastly bad).

Many congrats on the book!

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